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Frequently Asked Questions

What PCR test do I need?

Please view the table on the home page to help decide what test is needed.

Is UK Travel Testing approved?

Yes, UK Travel Testing are on the approved Government list for 2 and 8 day test and our partnered Laboratory are fully licensed and Government registered.

When should I order my kits?

The latest you should order a test is 5 days before you are due to take your PCR test. Order as soon as possible to ensure the test arrives in time for you to take the test and to return by post.

Does 24 hour delivery count over the weekend?

No, as we use the Royal Mail 24 hour delivery policy which applies to working days.

When will I receive my kits?

The timing of receiving the kits will depend on what test you are buying. Please refer to each individual product page for more details.

How do I post my test back?

You can post your test back by using any Royal Mail Priority post box. Please use the this link to find your nearest priority postbox.

Are there any reasons why the tests may come back inconclusive?

An inconclusive result can be produced most commonly from the test being taken incorrectly. Another reason is that along with other nasal only tests, individuals who have had an operation or significant procedure on their nose can be known to produce an inconclusive result in some cases.

How do I buy multiple tests?

To add multiple of the same test to the checkout basket you will need to re-fill out the contact form with the information related specifically to the person that will take that particular test therefore being different from the original test added.

What if I want to buy a Pre-Departure Test?

The process of buying a pre-departure test is the same as the others however as this test is the most important in terms of timings you must send the test back to us (or personally deliver) the test the morning of the day before you are due to fly out of the UK. This is to increase the chances of the results getting back to you on time.